Salt River Project. Vineland Electrical Utility.
North Carolina Municipal Power Agency Number 1.
They all have SunPower solar—do you?

Through creative financing and innovative solar technologies, municipal utilities have worked with SunPower to explore renewable energy as a method of diversifying their portfolio and satisfying ratepayer requests.

There are 2 easy ways for you to get started too.

  1. Request more information for your organization from our dedicated public power associate,
    Vivek Pandya, at (973) 216-4215 or
  2. Join SunPower for a dinner reception on Monday, June 20 in Washington, DC during the APPA Conference to learn more about solar energy for municipal utilities.

Solar Financing

Learn about financing options that minimize upfront investment and ensure long-term return.

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Success Stories

Learn about other public power entities who have already invested in solar with SunPower.

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Rooftop Solutions

Learn how utilities can own and operate solar power plants on rooftops.

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Ground Solutions

Learn how the SunPower Oasis Power Plant ensures the quickest installation and highest levels of reliability.

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